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January 16, 2018


Waking up on January 1st, the air feels a little different but also, so very much the same. A wave of nostalgia rushes over you for the year just left behind. So much was achieved and so many happy memories made. 2017 really was a great year. Within seconds, nostalgia is replaced with excitement. A fresh new year lies ahead – so many possibilities, so many opportunities. You imagine how the year will pan out. There’s already so much great potential in store, 2018 could be the best one yet. It’s time to start the year off right; a great brunch at your favorite spot followed by a long walk along the water. The cool air will tire you out and you’ll nap on the couch in the late afternoon sunlight before dinner and drinks with old friends. There’s something so easy about new year’s day, a moment to relax before the busy year ahead – the calm before the storm.
December 18, 2017


Waking up at dawn to witness the mesmerizing sunrise of the tropics, you are drinking a cup of coffee on your balcony, enjoying the last few minutes of the fiery red color of the skies. You put your favorite Pima cotton t-shirt, a gift from the love of your life, and get ready to watch the sun masterpiece while doing your morning jog on the beach. The wind is warm and you are ready to embrace another great day under the sun. Later on, you will be enjoying your well-deserved time off on your friend’s boat, refreshing yourself with specialty drinks. Even the new polo you purchased for your dad can’t bring back memories of the colder days from up north. Your subtle self-assurance is leaving no one indifferent, your friends are grateful you are here to share their holiday memories.
December 4, 2017


The cold is setting in. This weather is absolutely magical. You’re sitting by the fireplace drinking eggnog after wandering around the city all day, looking for the perfect gifts. Your parents invited the whole family over to celebrate the holidays together. Your dad is still saying the same old anecdotes, your mom keeps telling you that you look handsome in the luxurious cardigan she gave to you earlier. The atmosphere seems magical and you have not seen everyone this relaxed in a long time. You urge your family outside for a long walk, and luckily, you are wearing the perfect clothes for this improvised adventure. Surrounded by your loved ones, you are confident that this holiday season will be one to remember.
November 27, 2017


Art is the ultimate form of refinement. It allows the artist to showcase his vision through a unique window. When you peer into a work of art, it allows you to discover and understand the artist’s world. Going to the museum is not just a simple visit, it’s an experience. The artist will work tirelessly until he feels his vision of the world is wholly encompassed within the piece. Long days, long nights, everything must be perfect. He will leave a tiny part of him in his art. But all of that is worth it. Once the artwork is completed, he can finally rest, quietly confident. His piece is now flawless, ready for the world to admire it.
November 13, 2017


The morning light is shining through the windows. Your luxurious long sleeve shirt is keeping you warm alongside your coffee. All this extra heat has given you a headstart to face the elements outside. You set the cup on the countertop, head over to the front door and slip on your boots and coat, open the door and take a step outside. The sound of powerful city crosswinds as you exit your house, the look of steam coming out of vents, the cold puddles sitting in the streets; late autumn puts on quite a show. The wintry weather is setting in. Your exquisite wool jacket is keeping you warm, so you can confidently face November.
October 30, 2017


Materials matter. Quality underlies all other factors when it comes to apparel. Clothes that are made better, feel better and the excitement that comes with wearing them can make you feel more confident. Which, in turn, makes your outfit a lot more fun to wear! Our collection is comprised only of high end, quality materials that feel great on the skin and look fantastic. Our t-shirts are made from a luxurious type of fabric: pima cotton. Regular cotton fibers are shorter and produce yarns that are rougher and subject to pilling. Pima cotton’s fibers are on average 50% longer, which makes our t-shirts softer, pilling-resistant and fade-resistant. You don’t settle and neither should we. Every detail matters so you can look your best and feel just as good.
October 20, 2017


The autumn wind is blowing; colder times are upon us. A vacation home escape is the best way to spend the weekend after this long and arduous work week. A place where you can spend time with friends and loved ones to let go for just a moment. The beauty of long and sinuous roads, the rush of the cold wind hitting your face and racing through your luxurious cotton coat, the rumbling sound of the engine, these sensations make your spine tingle. The journey is as good as the destination. As you slip into your comfortable Henley, you hear the rustling sound of leaves in the wind, smell the fresh autumn air and in this moment, all the week’s worries and responsibilities seem to just melt away. The vacation home really is the perfect place to let go and relax.
October 2, 2017


It’s early in the morning. Just as the aroma of coffee reaches your nose, you finish buttoning your shirt. The cotton fabric gently skims across your skin. Hair is just right, tie is perfectly knotted, shoes are shining. You’re ready to face another busy day at work. As you’re getting off your motorcycle, coworkers wave at you from across the office. You know they’re counting on you. The client will be here soon. You’re ready to make an impression. Months of hard work paid off and today is the day everything comes together. It’s the end of the day. Everything went perfectly; another big deal closed. You’re ready to go celebrate. The cityscape watches over the restaurant as you’re sitting comfortably in your seat, shirt still perfectly fitted. The city comes to life for the night as you and your co-workers have a toast with champagne glasses. Confidence paid off yet again.
September 22, 2017


Founded in Montreal two decades ago, Robert Barakett is a benchmark for comfort, style and confidence. Drawing inspiration from the city’s European charm and North American lifestyle, our finely-crafted garments bring together refined design and luxurious materials. Quiet confidence, that’s what we’re all about. Looking good should be effortless. You deserve sophisticated clothes that suit your lifestyle. Clothes should move with you, even when looking refined. That’s why our garments are crafted only from premium quality yarns like Pima extra-long staple cotton for clothes that fit better, last longer and are exceptionally comfortable. Our subdued colors and elegant details combine seamlessly to make every single item in our collection a work of art. At Robert Barakett, we celebrate confidence with quality, comfort and refined style because we believe it’s your right to be the best man you can be, effortlessly.
August 12, 2017


Fall and Winter seasons are the best time to kick back and relax, while listening to some classics. This is music to our ears: Led Zeppelin – Dazed And Confused, The Clash – London Calling, A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation, Chris Isaak – Blue Hotel, Caro Emerald – Back It Up, Blur – This Is A Low, The Barr Brothers – Static Orphans, Pops Staples – Somebody Was Watching, Junip – Your Life Your Call, The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday,